Loopix™ Drainage Catheter Stabilization Device

To solve the disadvantages of the traditional suturing method in surgical drainage catheter fixation
Loopix™ is a revolutionary single-use non-invasive catheter fixation device for securing wound drainage indwelling catheters in the operating room. Different from the traditional suturing securing method, we use hypoallergenic pressure-sensitive adhesive tape and a patented dual locking technique to create the Loopix™ - the puncture-free drainage tube fixing device.

The device reduces the complications of infection and the risk of accidental extubation. It is time-saving, and improves the convenience of postoperative care. It also leads to less pain and greater patients' satisfaction, and benefits a lot of patients, especially those who need long-term drainage.


  • Model: GD8090-A
  • Inner Diameter: 30mm
  • PSA Tape Size: 80 x 90mm
  • Applicative Catheter: 6Fr ~ 28Fr
  • Material: Medical Class Plastic and PSA Tape
  • Storage: -10℃~30℃
  • Valid Period: 30 months
  • Package: Sterilized by Radiation

Patented Structure

1. PSA Dressing: Consists of medical pressure sensitive adhesive, hydrocolloid layer, and non-woven fabrics, which is breathable, with proper stickiness and hypoallergenic.

2. Loop and Hoop Fixation Mechanism: A patented design of Loopix™, consists of a rotating loop, three hoop bands, and an unlocking button for releasing and adjusting.

3. Ratchet Tie Fixation Mechanism: Consists of dual ratchet ties, fastener base, and two pulling rings.

4. C-shape Absorbent Gauze: To absorb exudation from drainage incision.


The Loopix™ replaces traditional catheter suturing securing method in surgical wounds drainage with a lot of significant benefits.

01. Easy to Use

It can simply be placed without the puncture. The drainage wound is visible and convenient for its observation and nursing. Also it is able to decrease the risk of accidental extubation and easy for changing or removal.

02. Wide Application

Loopix™ Drainage Catheter securement device can be applied in general surgery, thoracic surgery, ultrasound intervention surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, orthopedic, ICU, surgical oncology department, and so on.

03. Improving Comfort

Loopix™ is a non-invasive securement device, avoiding puncture, with no messy appearance, reducing pain, and improving patients’ comfort greatly.

04. One Model Fits All

With an innovative patented design, Loopix™ achieves a great convenience that one model fits most regular catheters with 6Fr~28Fr in diameter.

05. Dual Adjustable Fixation

Loopix™ allows the clinician to secure and release the drainage catheters with patented hoop bands by rotating loop and dual ratchet ties.

06. Strong and Hypoallergenic

Loopix™ adopts strong pressure-sensitive adhesive, hypo-allergenic, protecting skins, that can last long for up to a maximum of 7 days.

How to Use

Please strictly follow the Instruction for Use no matter in testing or clinical application.


1. Clean & Dry

Wipe the skin to make sure it is clean and dry before application.

2. Remove Releasing Paper

Make the catheter pass through the rotating ring. Tear off the #1 release paper, then stick the Loopix closely to the skin.

3. Center the Loopix

Center the Loopix™ and attach the adhesive pad to the skin, then tear off the #2 releasing paper, make sure the pad is fully attached.

4. Place C-shape Gauze

Make the catheter pass through the C-shape gauze, then place the gauze in the loop to absorb the exudate.

5. Rotate the Loop

Rotate the loop (blue ring) clockwise, the hidden hoops will tighten tube as rotating.

6. Double Secure

Fasten two ratchet ties to stabilize the direction of tube.

7. Readjust Loopix

Hold the buttons pointed by red arrows at same time, and rotate counterclockwise to release the hoops to adjust/change/remove the tubes.

Clinical Application

Excellently adaptable with wide scope of application in surgeries

Application Dept.

1. Thoracic puncture surgery: postoperative drainage catheter securing
2. General, hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery drainage catheter securing
3. Urology department: urinary catheter securing in suprapubic cystostomy
4. Orthopedic drainage catheter securing
5. Tumor surgery: drainage catheter securing
6. Ultrasound-guided drainage securing after surgery
7. ICU: various drainage catheter securing

Typical Cases

Genaral Surgery

Loopix™ drainage catheter stabilization device is suitable for most general surgeries. This photo depicts Loopix™ applied at the lower abdominal part.

Orthopedic Surgery

This picture shows a Loopix™ drainage catheter stabilization device used in a knee joint surgery without any mess in appearance.

Thoracic Surgery

This photo depicts the Loopix™ wound drainage catheter stabilization device used for thoracic surgery drainage.

Ultrasound Intervention Surgery

The photo depicts the Loopix™ surgical drainage stabilization device used in ultrasound intervention. It can reduce unnecessary harm to the body during treatment without having to feel the pain of major surgery (such as laparotomy).

Urology Department

This diagram depicts that the Loopix™ stabilization device can be used to secure a Foley catheter in suprapubic cystostomy.

About Us

Innovation Defines Life

To be a self-innovated and world-class medical device developer and supplier

Slide Company-Overview Slide Company-Overview Slide Company-Overview Slide Company-Overview

The Loopix™ Drainage Catheter Stabilization Device is designed and manufactured by Zhejiang Haichuang Medical Device Co., Ltd, which is located in Hangzhou China, with 3,000 ㎡ 100,000-grade GMP certificated purification plant and CE, ISO13485, ISO9001 certificates.

The Haichuang Medical company is specialized in medical disposable device manufacturing which combines R&D, production, and sales. As for now, we have three series of products including Loopix™ Drainage Catheter Securement Device, Bi-Fix™ Surgical Incision Closure Set, and advanced wound dressing. For the past four years, Haichuang medical has already become one of the very few leading enterprises in the field of a non-invasive surgical closing device in China, and now we are ready to bring our products to overseas markets. Looking forward willing partners to be our distributors.


Loopix™ is looking for partners as our authorized distributors in the global market.
We cherish every partner no matter existing or potential, and willing to grow together with each other.

EC Certificate

Loopix™ meets the requirements of Annex V of the directive 93/42/EEC.

ISO 13485 Certificate

Loopix™ establishes and applies a quality assurance system according to the requirements of EN ISO 13485:2016.


Frequently Asked Questions

1What departments can the Loopix™ be applied in?
Loopix can be applied for all non-vascular drainage catheter and urology catheter fixation, including general surgery, thoracic surgery, ultrasound intervention surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, Orthopedic surgery, ICU, and so on.
2How to guarantee the product quality?
Loopix is designed and manufactured according to the requirement of CE, ISO13485, ISO9001. We also have a quality assurance system and a return policy to ensure that.
3What is the packaging method?
We use the double plastic bag under the standard γ-ray irradiation sterilization method for the inner package. Then all products are packed in the medium-sized carton box (10 pcs/box) and standard outer carton (200 pcs/ctn).
4How to store the Loopix™?
Storage Temperature: -10℃~30℃, keep dry and in dark place. Shelf Life: 30 months.

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